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Mutual Funds - Tools to Create Wealth

Introduction to Mutual Funds:

Many people fall into a trap by taking a new loan to pay off other loans without considering the long term impact. If you are struggling to make payments towards your existing loans, it's advisable to approach a firm providing Debt Consolidation services. Combining a number of unsecured loans into a single new loan that is more favorable is called Debt Consolidation.  


Investment Advisor

As India’s GDP growth is reaching USD 5 Trillion, just imagine the kind of financial assets growth & financial net worth of every Indian’s growth in India. As the market size increases, new Financial Instruments will be launched and they will be more complex than existing. As complexity increases, investor looks for people who can guide on taking right investment decisions

Course Modules :
  • 1. Basic Concepts of a Mutual fund
  • 2. History of Mutual Fund
  • 3. Mutual fund Operation & Terminology
  • 4. Performance of Funds
  • 5. Fund Selection Process

Exams to test the learning:

Our training is not just a class room session. It’s more than that.

  • Pre-Skill Assessment & Identify Goals
  • Class room training
  • Online Practice & Assessment tests
  • Finish Exam for Certification


Internship – Meet the customers with smart phone app, ask their needs, give your advice and address their needs with your skills.

Why this course:

The Mutual Fund (MF) industry in India has seen rapid growth in Assets under Management (AUM). Total AUM of the industry stood at Rs. 23.26 lakh crore (US$ 360.90 billion) as of April 2018. At the same time the number of Mutual fund (MF) equity portfolios reached a record high of 2.27 billion in February 2018.

On account of rise in investments in the Mutual Funds and other financial instruments, the revenues of the brokerage industry in India are forecasted to grow by 15-20 per cent to reach Rs 18,000-19,000 crore (US$ 2.80-2.96 billion) in FY2017-18, backed by healthy volumes and a rise in the share of the cash segment.